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Microbial genomics software for any bacteria, any research topic, any lab.

cgMLST combines the best: Comparability of MLST and discriminatory power of PFGE.

Microbiologists everywhere can experience the genomic revolution that benchtop next generation sequencing (NGS; e.g., Illumina, Ion Torrent or Roche/454) provides. With fast and affordable microbial whole genome shotgun NGS and automatized SeqSphere+ data analysis, microbiologists can use genome-wide hundreds/thousands of genes (cgMLST) for typing, resulting in higher discrimination and more accurate strain typing. Furthermore, SeqSphere+ supports resistome-, virulome-investigation, real-time surveillance, and SARS-CoV-2 genotyping.


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22 September 2022

SeqSphere+ was used to establish, evaluate, and publish four species cgMLST schemes, i.e., Mycobacterium abscessus (PubMed), Burkholderia mallei (PubMed and PubMed), Brucella spp. (PubMed), Serratia marcescens (in press). All five schemes are available for all SeqSphere+ users and the community via cgMLST.org.

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