SeqSphere+ Version 2.3 with Raw Read Data Submission to EBI ENA Released

January 20th 2015

As more and more of our customers start using the software on a daily basis for routine surveillance tasks we laid great emphasis in implementing productivity enhancement features. Most important we have implemented now an automated raw read data submission to EBI European Nucleotide Archive (ENA). Thereby you can and will save local hard disk space. This is of course also a convenient and extremely time saving feature if you aim to publish your projects. In addition, we have now evaluated and documented thoroughly everything - including hints for speeding- and scaling-up your analysis - for applying the software routinely (usage in productive work). For reproducing and publishing your results SeqSphere+ logs now exhaustively how the whole genome sequence (WGS) data have been analyzed (sequence specification). Furthermore, the administration of raw read, assembly, and contig assembly data has been substantially improved. For (semi)automated outbreak detection we introduced the cluster alert feature. MLST allele libraries in use are now once daily checked for update automatically. Finally, we just released our spa typing from WGS data template (beta version 0.5). For performance evaluation of spa typing from WGS please check our recent CMI publication.

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