First SeqSphere+ User Meeting

This meeting is meant for experienced SeqSphere+ users and NOT for beginners. The aim is to foster the communication between the developers and users about (forthcoming) features and problems/issues with the software. Topics covered by Ridom will include:

We hope that participants share their experiences about cool new tools and problems with SeqSphere+, etc. in short presentations. Everything is eligible except ordinary cgMLST analysis.

The meeting will be held in Münster at the office location of Ridom. The meeting will start Thursday, 22nd of February at noon and end Friday, 23rd of February 2024 in the afternoon (somewhat depending on the number of user presentations). The meeting language will be English.

The service fee for the user meeting will be 99 € and will include a mutual dinner on Thursday evening. This fee will be non-refundable but impeded registrants may nominate a replacement person.

Deadline for registration: January 31st, 2024. Register for the SeqSphere+ User Meeting

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